On 17.07.2018, our Company Lawyer Mr. Hakan Yalçınkaya gave the training of social workers between 12: 00-13: 00 hours at the UGM Headquarters MHU Conference Hall.  In the education that the employees of our Region and Branches are participating in the live broadcasting, what is social media, usage rules, Information about the personal responsibilities of the employee of Ünsped Customs Broker in social media activities was shared. It was emphasized that when using Social Media, we should determine the balance between work and social life, which we should share with our company and our reputations, and make our share as appropriate for the institutional culture belonging to Ünsped Customs Brokerage. 

Mr. YALÇINKAYA, our lawyer, who protects the brand, respects copyright, and gives legal messages, tells us that we should not protect the confidential and private information that should not be shared like business and financial performance. If you make a mistake, you are the first person to take the mistake and immediately correct your mistake, saying that Mr. Hakan YALÇINKAYA, we need to fix our mistakes without losing time and we need to act discreetly on social media exchanges and we should not think of one last time before sharing. It then refers to information security, to the protection and processing of personal data, and to the principles to be followed in the processing of personal data.