UGM  has achieved to be an on-site R & D Center as the first Customs Consultancy company in its sector. The R & D Center is a special status granted to the firms that can only support it with the works carried out by Law No. 5746 and the software teams that have adopted this R & D and have this value. R & D center activities include the development of new products, systems, software development, materials, devices, equipment, procedures and systems with innovative methods, and the production of new techniques and prototypes. UGM is a company that works on many R & D projects and continuously develops them, and has been successfully carrying out many projects such as blockchain, chatbot, customer portal and other projects.

Research and Development (R & D) is the name given to the studies which are carried out on a systematic basis to increase the knowledge of people, culture and society and to use this knowledge to design new applications.  Additionaly;  new product / process development may couse market share increases, if it has a decreasing effect on costs. At this point, the need for R & D Studies is definetely very high in order to sustain the activities of the enterprises profitably and to use their existing resources effectively.

Our R&D center, which was established to give better service and to add more value to our customers, shows how well we applied technology during the 4.0 insdustry era.