As one of the most reputable customs consultancy companies in Turkey, ÜNSPED continues to support art, culture and sports by putting emotional intelligence at its heart as well as its sectoral know-how.


Poems written by Chairman of the UGM Board of Directors of, Retired Deputy Undersecretary, Retired Customs General Manager Remzi AKÇİN were exhibited at the Headquarters of the Unsped Customs Brokerage on January 31, 2022. UGM Company Partner Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK organized the opening of the event, where 30 different poems were exhibited.

ÖZTÜRK expressed his thoughts as follows: "I saw the master's poems by chance. I admire it. I said we should share these right now. We have seen that the Remzi master can write not only the law, but also poetry. We are very lucky as a company. Just as we are successful in the industry, we are also very successful in sports and in the arts. All of this adds strength to our company. We're doing a lot of great things; we're going to do even more great things. Thank you to all my friends who have been working, especially Mr. Remzi.

AKÇİN, on the other hand stated that: I spent my childhood reading books. I also had a curiosity about Ottoman Divan poems. This curiosity led me to literature much and much. My goal was to write poetry or novels in the long run. I wrote most of the poems when I was in high school. I wrote only 4 of them when I was in duty at customs. I've been on probation for close to 12 years. What I observed during this audit was the difficulty faced by customs personnel, their longing for their family and loved ones, and on the other hand, internal conflicts within the Customs agency. That's why they became the subject of my poems.’’