Foreign Trade Conformity Assessment During the COVID-19 Pandemic and the New Law Process

We all know how to implement regime decisions such as import and export, which are the subject of buying and selling products in foreign trade. The aim of the majority of those dealing with foreign trade is to ensure that the products subject to foreign trade comply with technical regulations and are safe. In this context, when we say technical regulations, adapting and applying the relevant technical legislation to foreign trade, controlling imports and exports, Determining the procedures and principles regarding the determination of the auditing institutions and the prevention of the importation and exportation of unsafe products in accordance with their technical regulations. Studies may be considered to prevent technical barriers in foreign trade. It seems that the technical regulations, which are the most critical elements of the import and export regimes, which are to coordinate technical regulations, product safety and inspection legislation, policies and practices, and ensure compliance with international obligations, are not dominated by the regime decision.

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