President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasizes the importance of domestic and national production every time. There are those who, unfortunately, do not take into account these words that every Turkish citizen will sign under them for the sake of the score. Not everything in life is score. We forget that it is necessary to make qualified production to increase the numbers. Some bureaucrats who say “Look how many countries Turkey has made free trade agreement with” by boasting and try to score are unwittingly throwing dynamite at the country's production. Many years ago, a domestic machine industry managed to avoid of closure hardly. Because there was an understanding that importing this product from the Far East is   an accomplishment. If the machines had been imported, we would have remained dependent on abroad.

Our country won thanks to a bureaucrat who stood upright against bureaucrats who broke their minds with score. Our domestic and National Company, which opened its second factory in Turkey, created job opportunities for more than 500 people. Our bureaucrat of merit stood upright without revering as President Erdogan said. In a twist of fate, the opening of the factory was again granted to President Erdogan.

Imports to Turkey were facilitated by free trade agreements with countries in the Far East. I see that the bureaucrats who make these agreements are thinking more about increasing foreign trade numbers than supporting domestic production. The understanding of how we trade and how we do it leads to great problems. The main thing here should be to facilitate the import of products that are not produced in Turkey. If an industrialist in your country says that I will produce this there .s no need for import, you will make it difficult to import this product with taxes you will levy.

It's not about closing our country to the world it's about supporting our production with the taxes you're going to levy. The aim of economic management should be to strengthen domestic industry. Let their own governments think of foreign producers.