The world has become an interesting place. Communist China opened its borders and began trading under free market rules. It is implementing a new model by trading under the supervision of the state but in harmony with the world. The capitalist USA imposed anti-immigrant policies and high taxes on imports to keep American investors and producers afloat. It was already difficult to sell goods to the USA, now it is even more difficult.

China continues to spend the world's money to sell its goods from Beijing to London in 12 days with the “one belt one road” project. It bought the port of Piraeus. It made trade deals with Greece and Italy. It continues to establish storage areas in Piraeus and Sofia. It is setting up a storage space in Baku. It makes special trains and train routes to carry containers. I mean, interesting things happen in the world.

The International Monetary Fund, of which Turkey is also one of the founders, has made a policy change to the IMF. It said that countries should increase their social policies with the latest decision, while it was used to ask for a reduction in social benefits. The IMF surprised the Social Democrats with its statements. It said it would be in place during this period for the state to make spending that would improve the welfare of its people. So it saw that there could be social explosions, and that this would cause bigger problems in countries.