The Way Out for Turkey 

The notion of being domestic and national begins first in the brains. It manifests itself not only in discourse, but in action. If you do not educate your children with this consciousness, which you will entrust to future generations, you will not be able to produce products and services that are 100 percent yours.

In Japan, children are taken on high-speed trains to Hiroshima and Nagasaki before they start school. These cities, which the United States has destroyed with an atomic bomb and their effects are seen, are shown to students. They tell their children about what happened to the country and how they rebuilt it. And then they take them to their factory, which produces technology. Children start school with this consciousness. That's when a generation emerges that not only produces, but also produces value-added. It is clear how important economic independence is. Being 100 percent domestic and national means it goes through education. That's why the Japanese managed to work the sweat of the mind. That's how they turned forehead sweat into mind sweat. They created their brands and sold them to the world. The South Koreans did the same. The Chinese keep doing it.

Understanding the importance of domestic production in order to have the world's largest economy, the Trump administration managed to pull the unemployment rate in the country to the lowest levels in history by telling its companies abroad to come and make your production in the United States or I won't allow you sell here.