Zonguldak is looking for the way out

I went to Zonduldak as a guest of the “ecofin” community founded by young economists studying at Bulent Ecevit University. I come together with university students in Anatolia at every opportunity so that hope cannot be replaced by fate.

I saw once again on the Zonguldak trip, how accurate the promise of investing in the right place should be. I am very happy to learn that there is a flight to Zonguldak. But this happiness didn't last for long. Turkish Airlines canceled the flight one hour before operational reasons. The weather was fine at Istanbul Airport and Zonguldak. Then I learned that this was not the first time. But this did not prevent me from meeting young people. I jumped into the car and hit on the roads. Zonguldak Airport, which was previously used as a military airport, was opened to civilian flights in recent years. Zonguldak residents put the Instrument Landing System (ILS) device so that cotton hands are pocketed and planes can be landed safely. THY planes did not fly and fly to the airport built in Filyos Valley for a year. We are talking to Metin Demir, President of Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Stating that the runway should be extended as there is a risk of tail wind in the valley, the chairman says that initiatives continue with the city's governors and lawmakers. Then the question comes to mind. If there is such a risk. Why do you sell tickets and plan your flight, THY! Why do you inform passengers an hour before? Or don't you go and go? Are you making a reverse gear because you are low on passengers or are you excused that the insurance contract is taking little risk?
Zonguldak people, who are very expatriate in Europe, have been to Zonguldak many times before with the German airline company. Should THY take a flight if it is at risk? If you are late in the plane, they will not look at your age, they will get additional money as a penalty for ticket changes. But it is not institutionalized to say that the citizen forgives you when you send a message an hour before the flight. When we called as citizens, they said that the air in the sky was not suitable. Do not the flights to Samsun and Trabzon use the same route? Or is it going over the Crimea? This injustice to the people of Zonguldak should be eliminated immediately. In 1924, the university seed in Zonguldak was laid by Atatürk with the Mining Engineering School. Opened in 1992 under the name Kara Elmas, the university was renamed by Bülent Ecevit in 2012. The university brings the city to life. Zonguldak people embraced students. Those living in Zonguldak, who have not been able to get their share of urbanism for many years, have adopted civilization.
The capital of labor and sweat, Zonguldak is looking for a way out today. It is assumed to support black apple with new sister products and services. Now, those who run the city should think about how to replace the sweat with the mind sweat. For this, Zonguldak should decide what to do with the workshop that will be held without particulations.
Those who cannot catch the future cannot exist in the future.