Export transactions in Turkey are expensive

When I went to the ports to examine our exports on site, the view I saw stunned me. Unfortunately, "chameleon payments" made under the names such as delivery and evacuation fee, documentation fee, temporary acceptance fee, freight notification fee, freight delivery form and security fee that they call ordino and still do not understand, became a country that made its exports more expensive due to additional and unnecessary costs. Considering that 7 million 132 thousand 805 containers were handled in 20 ports in 2018 in total in Turkey, a cost reaching 1.5 billion dollars emerges even if it is considered as 200 dollars for each container. If this calculation is calculated that 2.5 million containers were handled in export operations in 2018, it can be said that there were additional costs for the exporter of $ 500 million and $ 1.2 billion. This spiral can be avoided by the state developing an approach that produces solutions. It should not be forgotten that the expenses that you have not made will be recorded in the income section of the state. If you manage your expenses correctly, you will also reduce your costs.