We are watching a scary movie. It is not clear who wrote the script. It's the kind that will make you forget all the horror and thriller movies you've watched. Moreover, it is not written inspired by real life. We are currently live players. What we live is exactly the life itself. Even the lead actors are in danger. It's mind-bending.

The coronavirus captured the entire world. The winners of this biological war that the world is experiencing are people who are clean, have a strong immune system, smart and intelligent, believe in science and live accordingly, strong, well-fed, careful attention to warnings and manage to distance themselves. There may be people who get sick from this group, but they respond to treatment more easily. Or it won't take them long to get over the disease.

It seems that everyone will experience corona one day. But the losers of this situation will be ignorant. Unfortunately, those who say nothing will happen and ignore the warnings, unfortunately infect other people with this virus quickly.

Atatürk did not say in vain “We have defeated imperialism and we will win the economic war. But the real war will be fought with ignorance. ” Whatever happened to us did not come from ignorance?

Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, "Go and take science, even in China." But we are inviting the virus with our eyes open.

Cleanliness is essential against the ignorance virus.

It is certain that science will win this war. But many people will die from ignorance. It has once again become clear how important cleanliness is. But we always perceived this as body cleansing. Being clean isn't just body cleaning. It is also important to have a clean spirit, think cleanly, talk and look clean, eat clean. This war can only be won by cleaning.

Cleaning protects us against the ignorance virus, which is as dangerous as viruses such as corona.

A clean world consists of clean people. Economic development then makes people happy. Money then ceases to be an aim and becomes just one of the tools of happiness.

Life will last on Earth. But those who are friends with science can continue on their way.

Entrepreneurship saves lives

Entrepreneurship is a long, demanding and patience way. You will encounter a thousand kinds of obstacles. But countless counterattacks will attack you like what do you know, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, this work will not be successful, I have a lot of good ideas.

In today's world, money does not grow on trees. It is where the problem and the issue exist. In the digital world, those who produce and use technology and those who solve problems win. Those who facilitate human life are successful. While waste and garbage were the number one problem in the world until today, the corona virus has become the biggest problem of humanity. Those who find drugs to strengthen the human immune system against such viruses will be successful and rich.

Entrepreneurs are not only those who make software and install systems, but also those who find methods of medication and treatment for human health. Entrepreneurs are the ones who think that nobody is thinking and realize it quickly.

Those are who do what is not done, produce what is not produced. I got acquainted with this concept thanks to Turgut Boz, the veteran of the banking sector, who I knew about Turkey entrepreneurship and technology 12 years ago, and SMEs and young generation who teach entrepreneurship. Traveling around the city, explaining innovation and entrepreneurship to the Anatolian industrialists, this team laid the entrepreneurship building blocks of Turkey. Turgut Boz, who wrote his name on SME banking, was with the producers in times of crisis and was the name that guided them. Introducing SMEs to new markets, Boz also told the manufacturers how to export Anatolian industrialists using technology. Now, the team's consulted man, Mehmet Sanlı, has wrote an important book. In the book “Girişimcilik Hayattır”, you can find answers to many questions such as whether entrepreneurship comes from nature or nurture. While the experiences should not be soil, this work of Mehmet Sanlı also contains important clues to those who are looking for a way to counter the contraction in the economy. You can read what needs to be done for the development of the design and entrepreneurship ecosystem, accompanied by experience-proven ideas.

Companies with YYS Certificate will win

Crises also bring the solutions. After the terrorist incidents in the USA on September 11, "Authorized Obligate Certificate (YYS)" application was introduced in the United States and then in Europe in order for the goods to circulate in the markets more safely. We are in a crisis environment again. The corona virus, which was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, hit every sector and also affected foreign trade negatively. In this case, this document is given to reliable companies that fulfill their authorized customs obligations, whose registration system is regular and traceable, who have financial competence, safety and security standards, and who can carry out their own auto control. Companies that have a YYS certificate also have convenience and privileges in customs procedures. YYS association executives, which were established by companies holding YYS with an international status document, made their suggestions to facilitate foreign trade by going to the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Customs brokers are also waiting for support
In the economic package announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, companies providing customs consultancy services, which are an important part of the logistics sector, are also waiting for support. While support is provided from port operators to agencies, from warehouses to transporters, customs brokers who create significant employment in the sector rightly want to benefit from the same support. Foreign companies will also be negatively affected if consulting firms enter into a difficult situation.