Anyone hear my voice?
I have been traveling Anatolia for 25 years and meeting with business people. The answer I received until this year was always the same. How are things? I ask. Anatolian people are open and clear when speaking exactly. “I look at the account, I seem to go on pilgrimage, I look at the wallet, I need zakah”

So even though the accounts look good on paper, the wallets are empty. Industrialist makes production. He invests his money in machinery and raw materials, rather than putting interest on the bank. He strives to create work and employment. He continues to produce despite increasing production costs. He helps the citizen bring bread their home.

The business person who employs 5,000 people in his factory directly allows 25 thousand people to live by. This figure increases to 50 thousand with the suppliers. It is necessary to look at the people who produce it from this perspective. While making economic decisions, it is necessary to apply realistic policies by paying attention to the multiplier effect. If not, you will make matters worse while trying to be helpful.

While production has not slowed down last year, while the accounts looked good on paper, the wallets were empty because the business person could not make any collection. So the answer I got was always the same.

The business person could not collect his money in time. He could not say to his employees, "I could not get the money for the goods I sold. So I can not pay the salaries. Or I will pay when I collect them. I could not pay the energy bill, which is the biggest cost of production, I could not collect money.

He could not bring the proposal "I will not give you money this month. You send me the raw material again" to the company from which he purchased the raw material.

But worse still, he could not go back to his state and say, "I couldn't get the money I sold. I can't pay my taxes and SSI of my employees." If he couldn't pay his tax on time, he was also punished with interest.
This has been going on since the day I started working as an economics reporter.

Just like someone is looking for a job and cannot find it. Industrialists cannot find the quality people they are looking for. These two issues could not be solved. Or university-industry cooperation cannot be established enough. Nobody understands anyone.

By 2020, the situation became much worse.

The business person started to not be able to produce and make new investments and even to buy raw materials.

It is time to show the paternity of the state. The industrialist cannot delay the salary of the worker. The worker must receive the money, which is the equivalent of his labor, at the end of work.

Social explosions begin if employees cannot bring bread to their home and family. Today's biological warfare is also a time when extraordinary measures must be taken. Delay spreads the disease to all of Turkey. The bill of waiting will be very heavy for everyone.

Turkey has the power and will to do them. Otherwise, employment will decrease rapidly and the crisis will deepen.

They are the ones who employ people besides true nationalists and patriots, and enable them to bring bread to their home. It should be used for this purpose in an account to be created in collected aid.

Remember that in the previous period of the economic crisis, millions of people would lose their jobs. The government supported the producers from the Credit Guarantee Fund. It gave a breath loan. Thus, the number of those who were dismissed was very few. If it was already calculated, the sum of severance pay and unemployment insurance salaries to be paid to those who would leave their jobs would be more than this. The government followed a smart policy and launched the KGF.

Instead of confusing you with numbers, I made clear suggestions. Make sure all this has a mathematical equivalent.

If these will not be done today, when will it be done?. People can't get out of their homes anyway. Also, wouldn't it be good to save them from worries like they would lose their jobs?

Such is the mobilization of the miles. Postponing and restructuring debt is not an ointment to the wound. This antibiotic the measures should be taken  and implemented immediately.

Someone who thinks the end can not be a hero.

My suggestions to get out of biological warfare

  • Business people who produce and serve should not pay taxes on money they do not collect.
  • The industrialist should not pay the electricity bill without collecting his money.
  • The government should pay the energy distribution companies on behalf of the industrialist for three months.
  • Money that is not earned and does not enter your pocket does not have income tax.
  • It is not a solution to postpone or restructure taxes.
  • The state to be built today should not take taxes from the producing sector, for example, for three months until the crisis has passed.
  • The SSI deductions of the employees should not be collected for three months from the employer until the crisis passes.
  • The bosses must be determined decisively that even one person will not be fired, otherwise he will find the government.
  • The state should pay 60 percent of the salaries of people currently working.
  • For six months, those who lost their job and could not find a job should pay, for example, 3 thousand lira.
  • If necessary, the Central Bank prints money. The result raises inflation in a short time. But then it would be much better to lower the rising inflation than the social explosion.