Coronavirus accelerates digitalism…

If you remember, there was once the Minister of Health of the DSP-MHP-ANAP coalition government, Osman Durmus. At that time, a quack said he had became cancer. We mobilized as a nation and donated our blood. Blood samples taken went to the USA. When Osman Durmus, who is also a doctor, said, “The work done is not correct. They will make our gene map with the blood samples of the nation. They will solve our immune system, people accused him of racism. This nation owes an apology to Osman Durmuş.

In fact, it is very easy to learn to which diseases people are weak with the blood samples given. Then remember again, diseases such as H5N1 Bird Influenza and H1N1 Influenza A appeared.

Today, coronavirus threatens the world. When you look at the place where the corona virus originated, is it a coincidence that the corona virus appeared in the Wuhan region, where many young people from the world study at the universities, where the economy and China have the largest production facilities, and which is the center of transit flights? Previous diseases have also started in this region. Also, is it not thought-provoking the emergence of the virus precisely at the time when the Chinese are flocking to their country around the world before the Chinese Christmas holiday? Don’t you think Wuhan is the best place for a virus to spread around the world?

Now the master mind that rules the world has solved people's immune system in a much easier way over the past decade. Social media was used for this. International giant companies used social media to sell their products and services. They no longer need to take our blood and make our gene map. People showed themselves to the digital world and the owners of that world with full openness by using social media.

When you download an app to your phone, you have to grant access to everything in your mobile device. As a result, the master mind that ruled the USA and the world started to manage us more comfortably.

They determine the likes, preferences and demands of the societies with artificial intelligence and measurement and market the products accordingly. Or, they know our immune system and, accordingly, reveal viruses or services.

After talking about your holiday plan while chatting with your friend today, the news about the holiday alternative falls into your mobile device and mail. The conversations we make on the phone are being listened to. International companies and software developers, who measure this listening, determine our requests. Then we are offered singles about these requests.

Have you ever asked yourself why social media is free? There will be no such thing as privacy in the digital period. On the contrary, we are entering a period when private life will be a crime. We need to be ready for a transparent and open society. The digital era is the name of a time when people's work is done by robots.

The biggest problem in the digital period is the elderly population. People over the age of 60 are followed by young people at the top of the generations that use social media the most. The elderly population is the biggest objectors of the digital period. They do not want to live with robots except for social media. Or they will not be able to use crypto money. A traditionalist brain is the enemy of digitalism. If you pay attention, the coronovirus threatens the elderly the most. In other words, can the target of this master mind not be this old population everthing of whom is known by the master mind thanks to the social media, which is the toy of the digital world?

Now the real question is what we should do as Turkey. We are the nation fighting for the liberty against imperialism. How can we turn digitalization into an opportunity? Unfortunately, we always live in today. How we can plan the future from this perspective and use technology against these threats. The first step of this is to train the generations suitable for the digital period with a technology based education. Generations who know mathematics and can think analytically will keep Turkey alive.

Authorized obligate certificate accelerates foreign trade.

Every work that will increase our speed in Foreign Trade will take Turkey ten steps ahead in international competition. For this purpose, the Ministry of Commerce implements new projects. The transition to a paperless declaration has been one of the most important steps. With the application of paperless declaration on export on August 20, 2019, the declarations were signed electronically and started to be declared to the customs administration. Similarly, declarations at customs in February and March of this year started to be applied without paper for imports.

The main goal is to simplify customs procedures. The first step of this should be the simplification of the documents. We make interviews with Mehmet Altay Yeğin, the Chairman of the Board of Authorized Employed Association (AEO). The association, which brought together the organizations with the "Authorized Obligate Certificate" operating in the field of foreign trade in Turkey, recently visited Rıza Tuna Turagay, the Deputy Minister of Trade. The aim was more foreign trade and value added exports, the association conveyed its views to the Ministry of Commerce on how to do this faster. Getting a YYS certificate increases the speed of companies in foreign trade. AEO President Mehmet Altay Yeğin said, “The real adventure is right from security. The application started with CTPAT in the USA and was completed with AEO in Europe. While it was aimed at preventing terrorism at that time, it has now evolved towards attracting foreign capital and technology and enhancing reliability and exports. Remember free zones. The dream of Turgut Özal was the manufacturer free zones he saw in the USA. This dream has orbited today with YYS. Our Ministry has brought the manufacturers and exporters to the fore with the amendment of the regulation. ” The Approved Status Document (OKSB), which is being implemented for this, completes its transfer. In 2018, the blue line application was removed for the first time in imports. As for exports, it is seen that OKSB will be replaced by YYSII. Transition of companies that previously had OKSB to YYSII will be faster than those without it.

The advantages of YYS, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to be recognized as a reliable supplier in international markets, to be preferred as a supplier, to be accepted as an authorized obligate in countries where mutual recognition agreements are made, and to benefit from the privileges provided in that country on the basis of reciprocity. In addition, it is provided eliminating costs such as unloading, loading, waiting for goods and vehicles, further planning, decreasing supply costs and increasing cooperation with suppliers. In the case that a YYS certificate is available, long customs procedures decrease, while the decrease in warehouse, demurrage and transportation expenses of the goods reaches 20 percent.

Preview process extends from 3 to 5 years…

During the YYS board of directors' visit to the ministry, the deputy minister Rıza Tuna Turagay said: “We have increased your powers but we also enlarge the extent of your responsibilities. We trust you and we extended the preview process from 3 to 5 years. Of course, increasing the responsibilities later added the scope of control to the regulation." Although you are with YYS, it means that an inspector can knock at your door at any time. The change made also means that the conditions that exist during the application have been met after 5 years. Extending this period for at least 2 more years in a commercial and chaotic environment has given companies a breath of fresh air.