September 1, 2018 Saturday 09: 30-16: 00 hours in the Headquarters "Manolya" Hall with the training instructor Mr. M. Altay YEGiN "Temporary Import, Exemptions and Border Trade" training was done.

Our 9th preparatory course for GMY exam about exemption; Our 9th preparatory course for GMY exam is about exemption; Definitions of Exemptions from Customs Duties, Temporary Imports, Exemptions, Possible Items, Goods Not to be Taken from Temporary Import Regime, Coverage in Provisional Imports with Exemption from Full Exemption Amounts Related to Exemption from Customs Duties and Scope of Exemption topics were discussed.

Regarding Temporary Import; What are the Fundamental Principles of the Provisional Import Regime, whether it is necessary to issue a Guarantee for Temporary Import Goods, What are the Application Forms of the Temporary Import Regime, Completeness Practice, The Function of the Temporary Import Regime, The Difference Between the Temporary Import Regime and the Weeding Regime, Crimes to be met in the event of a temporary import regime violation, headings were pointed out.

In terms of border trade; Customs Law No. 4458, Border Trade, Communiqué on the Implementation of Border Trade, Definitions, Border Trade Bureau, Secretariat, Border Trade Certificate, Import Conformity Certificate, Notifications regarding imports and announcement of tradesmen and tradesmen, Evaluation of the applicants for import compliance certificate, Products not allowed to import, Customs procedures, ARTICLE 13, IMPORT, EXPORT, Information on customs gates authorized to border trade was provided.

15481 BKK-Exemptions / Temporary Import / Border Trade training ended with a GMY test.