With the changing world, the generation who is active in the business life and the actor on the stage are changing too. The expectations of each generation from business life are very different.  Y generation which becomes more assertive each passing day will constitute 75% of the business life in 10 years. Therefore, our company and Young Generation Leadership Development Committee take advantage of fresh knowledge, energy and modern world views of our young generation employees since it was founded and try to minimize the generation gap in business environment with its works and projects and carry out successful projects. 

Our Committee came together with our Shareholder Mr. Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK in the 27.12.2018 dated meeting in which the 2019 goals were shared. In the meeting, the last 1 year is evaluated and our Export Customer Representative Ms. Sema AKAN unanimously gave Committee President duty which she successfully carried out for 3 years up to Deputy Export Customer Representative Mr. Murat Can GÜZELLER who successfully coordinated "Heart of The Youth Beats with ÜNSPED" project.