On the date of 27.07.2017,with the cooperation of Public Relations Board and Ünsped Development Academy,in our Company's Head Office MHÜ Conference Salon, training with the subject of"Legal Awareness of Ethical Business Approach" was given by ourCompany Lawyer Murat Hakan Yalçınkaya to our Department and Branch Directorswith our Operation Employees assuming duty in the field. ''Complying withnational and international legislation and laws related to our business is ourmost basic principle'' under the heading of ''We Comply with the Laws'' of ÜnspedPolicy Book. Everyone who has business relationship with us must know and feelthat they can trust our word and their works will be done by being incompliance with the laws and regulations''. By starting with this motto, ourinformative seminar consisting of Ethics and Moral Relation, Business Ethics,National and International Legislation sections and having the purpose ofbetter understanding of ethical culture in our Company by the Directors and tohave it become a part of institutional identity had intensive interest.