On the date of 15.08.2018, Seminar with the subject of ''25 Million Creative Generation Shall Determine the Future of Turkey. They are; YOUNG, DYNAMIC, CREATIVE AND FREE GENERATION!" was given between 12.00-13.00 hours in MHÜ Conference Salon by Young Entrepreneur & Social Responsibility Envoy Ms. Elif ABACI. 

Ms. ABACI mentioned that she was born in Istanbul on the date of 4 October 1995 and she completed her middle and high school education in FMV Ayazağa Işık High School and then the language education she had in St. Clare’s Oxford and Roedean Moira House has guided her to university education in England and she also stated that she has interest for the art because of her mother and grandfather being the Opera Artists and this interest of her has come into existence with her interest in photography branch during high school period. 

Ms. Elif ABACI completed Basic Photography Training of IFSAK; Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association at the age of 14 and again during those years she also discovered her interest in social responsibility areas and she has defined her first experience in attempting to visit Bahçelievler Şeyh Zayed Children Welfare Foundation as pre and post of her life.

She stated that she has always sought for the power in her representing the purpose of coming to life and she has found this power in many people to whom her hands and eyes could touch and her heart could feel and she underlined the value she gives to social responsibility, community and people. By saying that she has started this journey at the age of 14 and she has continued the same without interruption till the age of 18 and she explained that her knowledge and experiences have contributed for her selection in the education related to Photography Art in the university she wanted to enter in the years of 2013 - 2014. In the year of 2014, she officially became the student of Fine Arts Faculty in Westminster University with her document/portfolio works reflecting herself and social responsibility area.

She stated that in her first year in London, she started to do her occupation as professional with freelance way together with the education she was having in England and she spoke of how being Y generation added meaning to her life and how much it has changed the thought system. 

She cites her opinions in the subject by saying ''As Y Generation, I can say that we are always open to novelties, we are able to think freely and we are versatile, thus we are able to balance the relation between our business life and private lives in a good way. And, we even do not miss the opportunities we face and we definitely make use of them''. 

Ms. ABACI summarized the influences of being Y generation in her life with the projects she has implemented and she made the suggestion to Y Generation by saying ''do not lose time by thinking where to start, start immediately, when you really want to reach the people, you shall see how swiftly they shall you’re your way. Try to find the purpose of coming to life. Concentrate on whatever you feel happy and you have pleasure to do. Do not stay fixed to a single channel throughout your life. Widen your horizon, search and share the things you are curious, spend time with the ones you value, treat the people in the way you expect them to treat you. Love increases when shared, do not forget this! Do not bypass the prople around you who are not lucky as you are''.