We invited Mr. İbrahim Yılmaz, who is Chairman of the Executive Board of Armed Security Company/Film maker to our seminar, which are moderated by Mrs. İnci ÖZKUL, who is Avea Executive Founder Partner and held at MHÜ Conference Hall of our Headquarters on 26.09.2018  to talk about "Is Women's Power Increasing on the Men's World?".

Mr. YILMAZ introduced himself briefly and explained that the reason that women aren't be entrepreneur in business life early like men is delay of women's adaptation in business life, Directors, not make easy this process and to gain the entrepreneurship spirit due to the priority of her child and family. 

He mentioned that the women begin to work late due to the challanges in business life, how women are assigned to the senior positions such as CEO, Prime Minister, General Manager, Consultant in the National and International Companies, in which men overtake and how they strive for this. 

Mr. YILMAZ stated that women bring a different point of view to business life with their emotional intelligence, gave a message if a woman works in a place, this work is greater and more successfull, because it is a leadership property of the emotional intelligence and this property supports the women to gain senior positions. 

Mr. YILMAZ mentioned that women give primary priority to home and family responsibilites and this causes problems in business life and underlined that discriminations, cause that women are considered as disadvantaged in business life should be eliminated, women should be directed to work and promoted. 

The meeting ended after the interactive part is completed and Women Leadership and Development Committee presented turkish delight and cup set to our guest.