With the Powerpoint Training realized by InformationTechnologies Manager Mr. Serkan Ayverdi in MHÜ Conference Salon of Ünsped CustomsConsultancy Head Office, technics used in the preparation of presentations inthe business life was shared with the participants. Interests of our Directorsand Employees were very intensive for the training and using the Powerpoint forefficient visual and graphic application area by combining texts, figure,picture, graphic, animation drawing, video and other items to be able to formthe slide shows was aimed.

In the training lasting for one hour, the rules of using our company'scorporate presentation format also took place and the information for the samesubject was also shared by Corporate Communication Specialist Ms. Pınar Bozkuş.Trainings having the characteristic of being the continuation of PowerpointTrainings is also planned by Ünsped Development Academy(UDA)..