Occupational Health and Safety Training required to begiven compulsorily in our Ünsped Customs Consultancy Head Office and ErenköyBranch in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Law Number 6331 wasgiven to our newly employed employees and to the other employees who have had OccupationalHealth and Safety Training but 3 years have passed since the date of thetraining.

Training was given by our Occupational Safety Specialist Mr. Birol DİZMANand informing was done about General Occupational Health and Safety, Ergonomics,Working with the Devices having Screen, Safety, Health Signs and the LegalRights and Responsibilities of the Employees.Occupational Health and Safety Culture was created byincreasing the Occupational Health and Safety awareness of the personnel withthese trainings. Participation Certificates were given to our personnel becomingsuccessful in the examination done in the end of the training. Our trainingsshall also continue in our other locations.