Our 6th Management Team Meeting took place on 5 December 2016 in ÜnspedGümrükMüşavirliği MHÜ Conference Hall between the hours 09.30 - 17.30 with the participation of our managers from the Headquarters and Regions.  The presentations and briefings of our managers in turn were included in the meeting the announcer of which was Training Specialist Dear Derya AYDIN. In the meeting the motto of which was have a good communication in all of our processes and the importance of well-measuring of our processes highlighted the unity and solidarity spirit and the theme of being a team by participation to the meeting with white t-shirts with UGM logo on them.


In the meeting the evaluation of the year 2016 was done by our CEO Dear Dr. Hakan ÇINAR and the Customer Inventory Presentation was carried out by Software and Application Development Specialist DearSuat GÜÇ and Processes Development Specialist Dear Melike VELİ. The Human Resources Activity Report was presented by Human Resources Manager Dear Fazilet PATIR, Error Analysis and Measures presentation was done by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dear Gürbüz HOCAOĞLU. In the meeting in which Mobile Business Tracking Application was discussed and transmitted to the participants in an interactive manner by Information Technologies Manager Dear Serkan AYVERDİ, the Measuring, Evaluation and Operation Briefing was carried out under the leadership of Import Responsible Assistant General Manager Dear Orhan KIRALİ, Export Coordinator Dear İbrahim KONAŞOĞLU and Software and Application Development Manager Dear Mustafa GÜLÜCÜ. While our Shareholder Dear Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK highlighted the fact that "we should communicate" in his speech, our Founder President Dear Haluk ÜNDEĞER discussed the importance of the control of the processes and the measuring of performance and underlined the necessity for always protecting our brand reputation. At the end of the meeting gratitude were expressed to all participants for their participation.