The first meeting of the Management Team Meeting which our managers areable to listen to each other, share their knowledge, gain positive feedbackthrough constructive feedback and provide mutual trust in 2018 was held between09.30 and 17.00 with the participation of our managers from Headquarters andDepartments in Ünsped Customs Consultancy Headquarters MHÜ Conference Hall on31 March 2018. 

Studieshave shown that teams improve the performance of individuals and make themsuccessful in their work. Particularly if the work that individuals do requiresa few skills, if they want to make decisions and experience, teamwork makesindividuals more successful.

YusufBulut OZTURK, who has made the opening speech in our activity, is talking aboutthe importance of unity and co-existence, the necessity of focusing on our workHaluk ÜNDEĞER, our Founding President, underlined that the main rule inbusiness life or life is honesty, that we should not act consciously whiledoing something, that professionalism requires income management. They alsoconveyed the need to encourage competition and that it is a force that willkeep us in the back, to give us strength, to see our own situation. 

In our meeting, we will present the activities of CorporateCommunications and Public Relations, Information Technologies and Process andSoftware Development Department, UGM Anadolu Yakası, Ankara, Çukurova and SouthMarmara Regional Directors evaluated the first quarter of the year.

Mr.Yusuf Bulut Ozturk and CEO The guests of the last session that Hakan Çınar mademoderation were our company's Assistant General Managers Bülent ERYILMAZ, Mr.Orhan KIRALI and Mr. Önder YILDIRIM. After this part, where we talked about"How to Make Our Business Operations Better" and where it was interactiveand ended, our organization ended with a cocktail.