On the date of 29.08.2018, in the leadership of our Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness Committee and in the scope of Enlightenment Meetings, we invited Atatürk University Faculty of Education Deputy Dean and Basic Education Department Chairman Professor Dr. Osman SAMANCI to do the briefing in the subject of 'Key of Success and Happiness in Business and Social Life; Emotional Intelligence' in our Head Office MHÜ Conference Salon.

Mr. SAMANCI started the seminar by defining Emotional Intelligence. He stated Emotional Intelligence definition is being able to express person's feelings, to be able to understand the other party and skill for a person to be able to activate himself and by underlining that a person can only be successful in an institution by keeping emotional mind and rational mind in balance, we must pay attention to the attitudes and behaviors of vocationally successful people and he indicated that the attitude and abruptness in the behaviors of these persons arise from the abruptness taking place between emotional mind and rational mind.  

By sharing that Emotional Mind finds the balance according to IQ Emotional Intelligence and EQ Emotional Quotient taking place in different points of the brain, he expressed that being aware about the feelings of other persons and the skill of correctly direction them result from this. He notified that the only way to manage our negative feelings and thoughts in business life is related to bringing emotional intelligence to forefront and the most important criterion in career development and business announcements is to express the feelings in the correct and efficient way. 

By saying that ABC Theory shall gain favor in bringing Emotional Intelligence into the forefront and it shall provide awareness to us in sensing the people, signs, symbols and language, it shall change our point of view, it shall align the feelings which are beyond control again and he has underlined that by this means productivity in business life and human relations shall proceed in positive way. 

Mr. Osman SAMANCI outlined the emotional intelligence in five headlines he ended the meeting by doing a little test to our employees in the subject of emotional intelligence. 

In the end of the meeting, Turkish delight and Cup Set were presented to our guest by our Shareholder and Deputy General Manager Mr. Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK and our Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness Committee.

Our guest additionally honored us with the thank you note left to our diary which came into effect newly.