Religious feasts are the sentimental values giving meaning to humanity with individual and social meaning. They provide great contribution to the formation of feeling, thought, joy, expression and action unity in the people and for the development of common sides and at the same time, it develop the unity within the differentnesses, it prevents division and dissension, it unites the people around the common values. And religious feasts are the periods of time when "meanings are communized", shared and developed. On this wise, on the date of 17.08.2018, Our Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness Committee celebrated the Feast of Sacrifice (which has an important place in our culture) of all our Employees in UGM Head Office by distributing chocolate.  

Our Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness Committee exchanged the Feast of Sacrifice greetings with all our employees by making the wish of unity and togetherness, friendship and companionship and most importantly to strengthen being the team with this Feast of Sacrifice having entire profundity and when we have the opportunity to share what we have with the ones in need, containing the returning to the core to condensing hearts and to the minds forgetting the real meaning of life and existence.