We listened to the life story of Professor Dr. Sondan DURUKANOĞLU FEYİZ, the steps to take for success, a few tips for life with a very delightful presentation that lasted 1 hour. We listened to the story of a woman who came from a family with 10 kids and became the Deputy Rector of one of the best universities of Turkey and, afterwards, is the Rector of Kadir Has University. Prof. Dear M. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz, born on 1963 in Of - Trabzon, is one of the children, who were born in a mountain village, of a family with 10 kids, 8 of which are girls. A family with 10 kids, all 10 of them graduated from university.

FEYİZ who graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Natural Sciences Physics Department on 1989, after obtaining a Master's Degree from Wisconsin University in Physics area (1992), received her doctorate from Kansas State University Physics Department.  FEYİZ who continued her work in İstanbul Technical University as assistant professor on 2000; became an associate professor on 2006 in the same university and a professor on 2011 in Sabancı University. Prof. Dr. M. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz who still is an arbitrator for Prestigious Scientific Physics Magazines, is Panelist and Arbitrator for TÜBİTAK Research Projects and also Jury Member for Sustainable Business Awards was appointed as the Rector of Kadir Has University in 2018.

Feyiz who was the only female scholarship student in Ministry of National Education foreign education scholarship in Physics won TÜBİTAK Scientist Support Program - BİDEP Scholarship and TÜBA Textbook Translation Award.

Feyiz who worked as a faculty member in Kansas State University in 1994-1997 while she was doing her doctorate, has worked as a research assistant in 1997-1999, and as research assistant after doctorate in 1999-2000 in the same university.  Feyiz who took on many tasks such as İstanbul Technical University Senate Accreditation Committee Member, Kansas State University Visiting Scientist, İstanbul Technical University Bulletin Assistant of Editor in Chief, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Visiting Physics Lecturer, Feza Gürsey Institute Research Specialist, co-translator of Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J. Griffiths has also worked as Sabancı University Physics Lecturer, Member of Nanotechnology Application and Research Center Executive Committee, Quality Assurance and Strategy Committee Chairperson, Rector Assistant responsible for Indıvidual and Academic Support and Summer School again in the same university.

The latest publication Feyiz whose fields of research and interest are; Thermodynamic, Electronic and Structural Properties of Metal Nanowires and Nanotubes, Characteristics of Nano size Growth on Metal Surfaces, Structural and Vibrational Properties of Metal Surfaces, Metal Surface - Molecule Interactions is "Shape-controlled growth of metal nanoparticles: an atomistic view". Prof. Dr. M. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz has 21 publications.

The message of the speech; was on "dreams". Prof. Dr. Sondan DURUKANOĞLU FEYİZ told us about the dreams of little Sondan who was born in a mountain village, in Of district of Trabzon. Why she did not give up, how she stant up to hardship. She said "I have never wanted the ordinary, I was after the extraordinary. I also believed that I would succeed." As the result how far she came is appearant.

The presentation of FEYİZ who gave "You need to learn how to work without getting bored, with love. A person can only do the work they love without getting bored. Success will come after any work that has quality. Every successful work definitely has a buyer.

We can both be happy and really earn our keep with a job that we do without underestimating and within our capabilities." message drew heavy attention.