We continue to visit companies that invest in technology. Especially Gebze has an important place in this regard as a production center in Turkey. Manufacturing of machine and machine manufacturing, which establishes factories, is the way out of Turkey. We visited Keramik Makina, where production machines and production robots are manufactured. We talked to Cem Büyükçingıl, chairman of Keramik Board of directors, about how machines have become smart.

Keramik Makina, founded in 1985, enters the sector by producing special machines that are not produced in Turkey. Keramik Makina, which produces machines for the ceramic and brick sector, which started to grow and develop in the 1980s, also adopts many principles. Keramik Makina, which produced Turkey's first jet-pulse type dust holding system in 1987, brings Turkey's first semi-automatic shrink machine in 1988 and Turkey's first flat ceiling brick production tunnel oven to the country in 1994.

Cem Büyükçingıl, a second generation representative of Keramik Makina who completed his higher education in the United States, returned from the United States in 1996 and worked as an internship and professional in a specialized machine manufacturing company in Germany for 1.5 years. He returned to Turkey in 1998 and started working at Keramik Makina.

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