No matter what you do, you will continue your business uninterrupted and steadily and move on the path of success. But if you can't improve your product and service, this stability will come back to you as a failure in the future. Because being uninterrupted is not enough by itself to capture the future. At the same time, you must have a structure that is constantly renewing itself.

For this, we need to invest in the person who is your most important capital. The growth experienced without turning the sweat of the forehead into the sweat of the mind is also not sustainable. We see that the status quo and traditionalist structures do not last long. Companies that are innovative and open to change and development show uninterrupted growth and development.

The weapon of the companies' war for existence in the future is communication again. If the communication provided between all the actors of the production is correct and uninterrupted, time is gained and then money is made.

Sustainability is therefore not an application that every entity can achieve. It is necessary to be resolute and patient. And then the end of patience is good.

So, can you be sustained on your own?

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