Burcu Manay is a Turkish businesswoman who has lived in the United States for 20 years. She serves many American and international institutions in the field of tax, accounting and certified public accountant. Burcu Manay owner of Manay CPA is a successful Turkish woman with CPA license, which is the equivalent of the Certified Public Accountant Certificate in our country.

Burcu Manay, currently serving in 50 states based in Georgia, provides the most suitable environment in the US market to manufacturers in Turkey and entrepreneurs who want to start a company. She helps in both business and social life from subscribing phone number to tax planning. To exist in the US means to exist in the world at some point. And you don't have to be here to sell in America. Before you come to the United States, you start a company.

One of the most difficult points during the company's establishment phase in the United States is the opening of a bank account. Because of a new law, banks have started to require the presence of an addressee in the United States to avoid any problems. This, in turn, causes difficulty for many people from Turkey who wants to start a company in America. Because Burcu Manay is also on the Board of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce she also facilitates this process, being reference to banks.

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