We met with the parties to the issue to raise awareness about product safety and experience in foreign trade. Everyone agrees that foreign trade should be done faster, that the failure to arrive or replace the goods on time leads to serious costs. In Webinar organized by Ünsped customs brokerage and Turktrade jointly, Deputy Minister of trade Sezai Uçarmak said that: "Product Safety is an area connected to international conventions and embodied in connection with customs unions. Because of the customs union, we are looking for a way to comply with this and to protect and improve the image of Turkish goods by using this bar, to sell products to other countries of the world without drowning in such procedures. Last year, we passed the law on product safety and technical regulations adopted by our assembly and passed it to our domestic legislation. On March 12, the law came into force." Uçarmak explained that by this law, product safety compensation and traceability emerged in order to reveal and said that “everyone is obliged to prove from whom he received the goods at the previous stage. Another innovation was covered by the law because there was a complaint about lack of control in the field of e-commerce. I think that in order for our commercial life to be more flexible and interpreted, there should be a parallel practice with customs.” Sezai Uçarmak expressed that: "goods that will enter and exit the country must enter and exit the country without drowning in unnecessary formalities, but appropriately. We document companies that do business above their potential and institutionalize their business. We have to do these things before we drown them in procedure. We reported all cost factors in imports and exports due to documentation and similar inspections. More than 2 thousand documents have appeared, and these documents are more or less charged in return. After all, we, as a top authority, expect companies to say that one step you will move forward and one step you will backward. Therefore, we expect you to ask an entity that wants 130 documents which one they can give up.”  

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