The merchant Mr. Ahmet looked away and fell into dreams while waiting for the iftar hour.

He grasped to the remote in the hope of finding an iftar program. On television, there was talk of the economy, the current account deficit.

He thought, "May Allah give the best of all things, and foreign capital."

“We gave those who brought 50 thousand dollars to come to our country, who does not produce, does not bring technology, so-called foreign investments that the people of our country can do but we never looked at how many billions they took every year” said his friend.

Mr. Ahmet was slowly beginning to understand.

Again, the same friend said: “everything is easy for companies that we call foreign capital. In order to avoid tax, the parent company abroad sends an invoice and receives the profit abroad. With the company in Turkey, it is either head-to-head in cost and thus does not pay taxes. Or he leaves a small profit in the form of a show tip, so that it is not a shame,” he said.

Mr. Ahmet, waiting for iftar, immediately thought about who was trying to undermine our foreign trade. He grabbed the phone and called his friend. He asked if you could tell me the truth.

"These are actually companies that have been established in our country with small investments that can be called tips for an agency to the parent company, and have rented everything,” said friend began.

“They buy companies that pay tax at home, and the global parent company abroad also records it as an expense” he added.

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