When we look at the industrial family in Turkey, industrialism passes from father to son. Or it's being built from the very beginning with capital. The life of companies is completely proportional to the management understanding. Unfortunately, the Industrial Board, which has passed to the third generation, is not as much as desired.

The hero of the success story I will share with you today comes from the heart of production. Hasan Basri Aksu, who knows what he, produces and how it is produced, who has worked in Arçelik production facilities for many years, decides to do the work he knows best. He rolls up sleeves to produce subsidiary industrial products of the products he used to produce. He founded the Konveyör Sanayi and became a sought-after name in the world. So much so that, despite companies abroad recently lost confidence in Turkey's economy, they want Hasan Basri to establish facilities in Europe.

For this reason, the Konveyör Sanayi, which has bought a factory that produces the same products in Poland, although 10 percent of its production, today also sells goods to European countries through Poland?

At this time, an offer of cooperation comes from a Mexican company to sell goods together to the American market. When the pandemic process ends, this process can also lead to a different structure in the United States. Hasan Basri Aksu, who overtakes Chinese companies in price and quality, underlines that young people should be educated in vocational high schools at an early age in order for production to be sustainable and value-added.

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