We are in Kocaeli region. The region, which is the densest and Organized Industrial Zones are close to each other as the artery of the Turkish economy. The Marmara Basin has become the production base of Turkey. If the integration of the cities located here can be achieved, our country will provide serious advantages in competition.

PIMTAŞ, which has been manufacturing at Gebze Plastics OIZ since 1977, continues its path with representatives of the second generation as two partners. Although the main production activity is the production of plastic construction materials, it has a wide range of products with its production for agriculture, industry, tourism and finally the automotive industry.

PIMTAŞ Plastik, which increased its capacity and total turnover by 40 percent last year, continues its investments this year. PIMTAŞ Plastik chairman Şamil Tahmaz, who exports to 105 countries today, said: “value-added production based on design has increased our domestic market and exports. In order to keep up with high technology, to produce more competitive, quality and environmental products, we carry out our R & D works together with universities. We are developing new products, improving existing products.”

35 percent of production is made up of parts for the automotive industry. In addition, pipes and equipment, pool equipment, treatment plants, water parks, aquariums, drinking water and natural gas lines are included in the production range of the company.