Let's do some foreign trade gossip this week. Recently, when we were talking to our exporters, they were suffering because they could not find containers. So I looked into why. Because of the pandemic, foreign trade wars increased. In order to sell and import goods produced by countries, we have become almost competing with time.

Even today, it has become difficult to find raw materials from abroad. On top of that, rising foreign exchange prices also pushed up raw material prices. Countries such as Turkey, which rely on imported products and raw materials for more than 65 percent of its exports, continue to suffer from foreign trade wars.

The unpredictable rise of foreign exchange prices, or the excess wavelength in the ups and downs, further complicates the industrialist. When we add finding this raw material and bringing it to the country at the right price, the industrialist almost comes to the point of not producing. I've been writing about rising foreign trade costs for years. Customs procedures in the agencies and customs warehouses to determine the arbitrary price, the Turkish economy lost 4 billion dollars in the figures explained. But now these arbitrary practices have begun to be added.

Container management is an issue that needs to be managed correctly. Our exporters, unfortunately, do not put increasing foreign trade costs on the table. In economics, reducing expenses is considered earnings as well as increasing revenues. Some agents who do not enforce the laws put in place by the state are constantly raising costs with new names according to their initiative. And the merchant pays these bills. Only one of them comes out and says it's not legal at this price. I mean where TOBB and TIM are. The task of these organizations is to protect the rights of their members.

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