M. Scott Peck says: “For a child, his parents are the whole world. The child is of the opinion that all the people in the world will behave in the same manner as his parents.” Our Committee on Employee Communication and Happiness at the Workplace has celebrated “the Father’s Day” of all our working fathers who are the first heroes of all our children and who have to be remembered not only on this special day but at every single moment with love, at our Headquarters at 10:00-12:00 on the date of 20.06.2018 Wednesday with small gifts that were made up of the concept of Turkish Coffee, chocolate and poems.  

Our fathers being one of the most significant beings of our life is the greatest architectures of our personality. Therefore, the father figure particularly represents many meanings. Father is Power, he is the one who carries the word Trust on His Back, the symbol of peace, the hero of the family who at the same time protects, is missed, cuddles and whose meaning is realized more when he is absent. Sigmund Freud has said: “I cannot think of a need more powerful than the one for the protection of a father in childhood.” The fathers appear as a protector power in the eye of their children all the time. We sincerely thank our fathers who have made us reach these days, provide our protection and embrace us.