On the date of 11 August 2018 Saturday, between 09:30-16:00 hours, in Head Office "Magnolia" Salon, trainings were given in the subject of ''Free Zones'' with the tutorship of our Gemlik Branch Manager Mr. Çetin TOK and in the subject of ''Customs Law and Regulation'' with the tutorship of our Customs Consultant Mr. Okan DEMİREL.

In the first session of the training programmed as the preparation to GMY examination, Mr. Çetin TOK mentioned Free Zones' activity subjects and coordination, waiting periods and guarantee, license period, income and corporate tax, documents and programs, commodity placing, calculation of taxes in the imports, sending commodity in the accompaniment of ATR, exported and imported commodities, commerce policy measures, commodities and wastes required to be destructed, cancellation of activity license, penalties / legislation notes, commodities requiring prohibition and special regulation, VAT and Special Consumption Taxes. 

On the other hand, in the second session, our Customs Consultant Mr. Okan DEMİREL narrated Definitions taking place in the Customs Law and Customs Regulation, Resolutions Pertaining to Customs Legislation's Application, Weight and Cups of the Commodity, Provisions to be Applied on the Commodity Brought to Customs Zone Until Being Subjected to a Transaction Approved by the Customs or Usage of it, Customs Declaration, Processing Regime Under Customs Control, Other Transactions or Forms of Using Approved by the Customs, Guarantee and General Provisions.

Both sessions were concluded with the replies regarding to the questions raised about the subjects.