Ünsped Women Leadership Development Committee hosted Sun is Hope/ Grandmothers Group, Mothers who work in Down Cafe and their children with down syndrome in Enlightenment Meetings due to Mothers' Day on 23 May 2018. 

Billur Güven from Kadıköy gave her scarf to a florist who was freezing on a cold winter day. After seeing the smile on the face of the florist, she thought "I need to this for other too" and carried out the "Sun is Hope" project. The project that Billur Güven started at the end of 2015, aimed to support elementary schools, reached more and more students. The group of friends called "Sun is Hope" and also known as Grandmothers Group started with sending hats and scarfs to the students from village schools in the various regions of our country. Thanks to the news on social media and press, the member count of the group approached to 10 thousand. 

The products such as books, stationery, boots, anoraks, tracksuits, toys, sports equipment, toothbrushes, toothpastes, cake, biscuit, candy and chocolate which have reached the students of 85 elementary schools in a short time like 15 months. Last year in 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day packages, each one filled with a t-shirt, a book, a balloon, a toy (peg-top or skipping-rope), a top cake, a lollypop to the little students. The preparations for sending gifts in the same way this year is continuing. They say "we are not an association, not a foundation, they are my friends, cousin, her friend, his sister, we just sensible people".  

Thanks to Down Cafe/ Love Cafe project which rather than seeking profit, aims to fit the children with down syndrome to the society, ensure that they are socializing, to show them they don't have live trapped in a house youth is able to assume responsibility and able to live their lives happier. Down Café which was established to raise awareness in the society, works more as a rehabilitation center rather than a business. Supporting this cafe which is a hope for children with down syndrome means that also fitting other children into the society. 

After the presentations of Billur Güven and Sedef Turan from Grandmothers Group, Down Cafe Founder Dear Saruhan Singen and one of the Down Cafe Mothers Mihri Eker talked about the things they do.