On the date of 05.04.2018, the businessman Mr. Ataman ÖZBAY became our guest within the scope of the Disclosure Meetings under the guidance of Woman Leadership Development Committee at MHÜ Conference Hall of the headquarters of our company.

Mr. Ataman Özbay saying that he owed all the successes that he had in his life to his broad perspective, hisbeing an entrepreneur, hard work and never giving up, added that one of the other reasons of his success was his spending time with important people,paying attention to what they talk about and integrate what he had learnt into his life. 

We have listened to an inspiring life story of an “entrepreneur”, who was born as a child of a poorfamily in a small neighborhood of İzmit, receiving education with scholarship,getting married and setting up a business as penniless from Mr. Atabay. Ataman Özbay, as the founder of Uni, the first wet towel brand of Turkey, presently exporting to 65 countries, the market leader in 8 of the said countries and so-called “the inventor”, presented himself as a real entrepreneur possessing the personality traits of courage, passion, diligence, being a visionary and proactive. Özbay, manifesting what a person may succeed and do when he wishesto, is one of the significant examples of success that has been obtained with want and faith.

He said that his sole adviceto those, aiming to see the future in the best possible way, to find the rightest path, to plan the future in the best and correct way, was to select a good spouse and to celebrate their precious wives as a guide in life by being side to side and carrying on with communication. Mr. Özbay communicating that the sole secret of his present success was his spouse and family, handed incloves with the expression “A WOMAN STANDS NEXT TO every successful man, notbehind him.” to the audience that took their place in the conference.

Our seminar came to an end with the commemorative plaque that the WomanLeadership Development Committee presented to our speaker after the altogetherphoto shooting.