Area 1. Our Company

  • Our management understanding is participative.
  • We obey the law.
  • We make promises that we can keep and we always do what we promised.
  • We protect our brand.
  • We present correct information to our shareholders and to public.
  • We regularly assess and manage our risks.
  • We keep our vehicles, buildings, facilities and equipment clean, well-kept and usable.
  • While showing respect to traditions about giving and receiving gifts, we are carefulthat they are in accordance with law and our business conduct.
  • We do not permit for our employees to have, directly or indirectly, a relationship based on self-interest or clash of interests with the company.

Area 2. Our Employees

  • Our employees are our most valuable resource.
  • We do not make discrimination among our employees.
  • We are honest to our employees and we expect the same from them.
  • The doors of our managers are open to the employees.

Area 3. Occupational Health and Safety

  • Ensuring the health and safety of the employees in the work place is first priority for UGM.
  • We promise to provide healthy and safe work environment for our employees.

Area 4.Our Customers

  • We establish professional relations with our customers and we develop our processes according to their needs.
  • We provide services that can be tracked simultaneously, gauged and create added value to our customers.
  • Our goal is absolute customer satisfaction.
  • We provide information safety.

Area 5. Our Partners

  • We perform our obligations to our company partners and shareholders.
  • We designate strategies and financial goals in order to create value for our company and shareholders.

Area 6. Public and Society

  • We respect to human Rights, Democracy and Individual Freedoms.
  • We as a company, try to be a good legal citizen.
  • We take protecting environment as our duty.

Area 7. Our Sustainable Standart Applications

  • We standardize our Systems, Processes and Procedures.
  • We provide Sustainable Standard Applications.