Under the leadership of the Young Generation Leadership Development Committee within the scope of our Lighting Meetings We hosted the Story Writer, Mrs. Jale SANCAK, as the young generation's differentiated role model perception and communication.

Mrs SANCAK started the seminar by answering the questions of Özgür ÖZSAR about What do we understand when we refer to the Generation Y generation? Or, what is the position of the young generation in Turkey? 

Considering the dynamic structure of Istanbul, the young generation constitutes a large part of the population, If the young people are thinking about the negative things, the reason behind this is that they do not have a good role model. 

Mrs. SANCA stated that young people were not taken seriously in order to be successful in their business life and young people in the future to see them hopefully to be mentored, she said. 

The society's approach to the young people from the perspective of the clichés and young people need to address the resources they need to address the transmission of the message, instead of losing young people, we should share ways to guide them and share with them the proposal that we should find the communication path that can understand them. 

The meeting ended after the souvenir presented to our guest.