Thepurpose of the presentation is; to establish permanent links between theorganizations and the employees and to raise awareness in the internalcommunication, contributing to the success and happiness of the employees andconveyed the importance of emotions in communication, the happiness and successof employees, and the direct connection of organization success, internalcommunication, belonging and management, and human psychology. 

Hehas pointed out that our job is the most important motivation makes us hold onto life and which we realize ourselves and determine our social status, andevery person's desire is to be reckoned, considered to be important and drawattention and this arise from necessity of being accepted as socially. Ifvalues culture becomes institutional culture; Mr. Yusuf Bilgin underlines thatthe employees will feel the connection with the workplace, the boss or themanager and will be more successful, and also mentioned that employees withpositive feelings worked more efficiently, faster and more effectively. 

Mr.Yusuf Bilgin, stating that the principle and permanent thing for today'semployees is to establish an effect based on knowledge, love and respectinstead of fear-based authority, a little smile and a few magic words and amore loyal and loyal employees, the result is that loving the work to be doneand get along with co-workers is the reason for happiness in the workplace. 

Ourmeeting has ended by presenting of memory plaque by Mr. Yusuf Bulut Öztürk toMr. Bilgin and gathered photo shooting.