On the date of 27 Nisan 2017 Kemerburgaz University Rector Prof Dr.Çağrı ERHAN and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Argun KARACABEY, I.I.B.F. Dean Prof. Dr. ErcanGEGEZ and Prof. Dr. Haluk LEVENT from International Logistics ManagementDepartment have visited our Company. The visiting had the purpose of havingacquaintance and cooperation and Trainee Student Employment, Brand LessonProject, Post Graduate and Doctoral Programs, Domestic and Foreign ResourceProject Supports and Cooperation Works between our Club and Kemerburgaz University/ Ünsped have taken place during the visiting. Then, our Founder Chairman Mr. HalukÜNDEĞER, our Shareholder Mr. Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK, our CEO Mr. Hakan ÇINAR andour General Manager Mr. Cüneyt YILMAZ had lunch with theUniversity delegation and visiting meeting ended after lunch.