Ünsped Information Technologies Department, by meeting the requirements for software, hardware and other information services needed in order to benefit from the developing information technologies at the highest level, to ensure their continuity, to carry out activities to improve the number of computers, network and internet infrastructure, to create specialized staff for these works, To be at the forefront in terms of the level of application of computer technologies, to create UGM information resources in an integrated structure in the light of these technologies, to produce projects that are always trusted, consulted, and institutional structure and institutionalization awareness are established.

In order to ensure this continuity, our information security policy, which we do not implement:

"We respect the confidentiality of personal and commercial information of all our customer stakeholders, especially our customers. We use confidential information of our customers and other stakeholders only for business purposes and in accordance with legal standards, agreements or contractual obligations. Information submitted to us, UGM privacy policies, contractual obligations. and we protect them in accordance with the law.We train our employees on information security, information usage and information confidentiality when they are employed.

From this point of view, the Information Security Management Committee; Compliance with the legislation on information security, data integrity and accessibility, confidentiality, reliability, protecting our corporate reputation, business continuity, realizing an emergency action plan in emergency situations, ensuring continuous improvement by managing information security risks, creating internal information security awareness and providing users with information security related issues. Aiming to raise awareness, it continues to work regularly every month in order to ensure the implementation of the Information Security Management System, its continuous improvement, and the necessary controls and regular internal audits in case of security violations.