Running our mind sweat
Creative, innovative and interdisciplinary thinking with analytical thinking ability, asking and questioning individuals are required for this.

If we teach our young people math and improve their problem solving skills, we will be able to advance in science and technology. That's when the sweat of the mind works and it's worth money. We can pass to digitalization and value-added production takes place. The growth model that individuals and machines will achieve together can enable Turkey reaching export target. Otherwise, let aside keeping our position, we might lose the ones that we achieved. We'll sweat it out. We work hard, but we have to give the bulk of our money to foreign technology companies for marketing and sales. I mean, we work, and others win.
Imperialist countries are doing what they couldn't do with weapons in the past with the economy today. Using technology as a shield, these forces have been preparing their education systems for digital transformation for many years. So to think of moving to Industry 4.0 without Education 4.0 means only dreaming. While we face the fact that production will be digitalized after a while, if you continue production with the old methods, you will become a colonial country in the future.