Within the scope of Lighting Meetings under the leadership of Unsped Women Leadership Development Committee, On Wednesday, 31.01.2018 between 12.00-13.30, Prof. Dr. Şükran ŞIPKA, Altınbaş University Faculty of Law Teaching Member, was our guest to deal with the subject of 'Women and Family in Turkish Civil Law'. Mrs. ŞIPKA, as women, as citizens, have our rights Owing to the importance of the issue, saying that our rights as human beings passing primarily based on the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey have underlined the need to know that our constitutional rights as women. Under the title of what are your Constitutional Rights regarding the problems you have with your social life and family life?; Mrs Şıpka stating that One of the most basic principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey referred to in Article 10 of the "Equality Before the Law" principle, Shared the article of "Everyone is equal before the law regardless of language, race, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect and so on. Women and men have equal rights. The state is obliged to ensure that this equality goes into existence.

Mrs. Şükran Şıpka emphasized that women and men are two entities that are not opposite to each other and struggling against each other throughout history but on the contrary are two entities that complement each other and need each other, in the Turkish Civil Code, in relation to the Equality between Women and Men in the Family Union, the family has given us the amendments made in the Turkish Civil Code to the article "The family is based on Turkish society and is based on equality between spouses".

Mrs. ŞIPKA, who is depending on the subjects of Turkish Family Law, Engagement, Material Compensation, Marriage Shape and Marriage Law, Divorce, Legal Property Regulation and Liquidation in the Turkish Civil Code, when we are struggling with events that are regulated by various laws and that we face in our daily lives, we have to emphasize that we should benefit from the possibilities that the constitution provides us.

Our seminar ended with a plaque of memorial that the Women's Leadership Development Committee introduced to our spokesperson after collective photo shoot.