Within the body of UGM, pursuant to article 5 of Labor Law and "Equal Treatment Principle and Company Human Resources Policy", it has been established in order to fulfill our responsibilities about choosing, locating, pricing our employees based on their skills, experiences and similar criteria, behaving equally and just in promotion and appointment matters in line with our policies below. We treat each individual equally, search, train, promote and price for employees according to their skills, experiences and similar criteria related to work. We obey all the laws that direct the just employment and labor practices. We don't discriminate according to age, race, religion, sex, and disability, and sexual orientation, pregnancy at any stage of choosing for work, locating, promotion and pricing matters. We offer a wage package that consist of salary, additional help and incentives based on the skills, experiences of the employees and measurable criteria related to work. We reward our employees due to their contributions to the company.