The artist, who has given years to art and opera, Mrs. Özlem ABACI, is in the scope of Enlightening Meetings hosted by the Women Leadership Development Committee in our work titled "Theme of my History of Success: Living to Tell", we held our guests at the headquarters of our company. They tell us about the stage life, the family, the projects they do and the issues about women in working life.

The daughter of the opera artist İlhami UYANIK who devoted 50 years to the stage, who was born in Istanbul, who completed the first, middle and lyce in the same city again, Mrs. ABACI is a graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature and Istanbul University State Conservatoire Opera Art Department, which is called "soprano" woman voice. She has been an opera artist at Istanbul State Opera and Ballet since 1991.

Mrs. Özlem ABACI who married in school years, school, work and marriage together, is one of the people who can be listened as together with working. Mrs. ABACI, who has been a professional dubbing artist for about 15 years, has been a member of the "music treasury" music group since 2008. The journey that started with the intention of introducing the opera, the themed concerts are going on domestically and abroad. She is also the mother of Elif and Balkız, who is studying abroad. Saying that it is a happy marriage that has lasted for 30 years with Mehmet ABACI who is in the textile sector, Mr. ABACI has conveyed that he respects all the decisions taken by his wife in her working life and that she is standing by and supporting her.

Mr. ABACI stating that they are working to love and spread the opera more; "I think the idea is to be approached without prejudice. He is not doing the profession, but the generations who have knowledge about the subject must be trained. In this regard, we work very much with the parents and artists. Being on the stage also requires attention and sensitivity. The applause from the audience who understands art and gives us an indescribable pleasure.

Mr. ABACI, who has been a dubbing artist for 15 years, is an indescribable beauty to give life to the image and to feel it with voice. I started with Toys Story, continuing with the profession, documentaries, children's channels, visionary films and commercials. Harry Potter "Dolores", Shrek "Fairy Mother", Madagascar "Professor", mermaid "Marina Del Rey" were first came to my mind he said. Özlem ABACI, who trained at Doğuş University for 2 years, has been informed that he still continues to give breathing, diction and physical language education in the context of an education consultancy. I have been following the drama and concerts, discovering new countries and cities, and being the sine qua non of my family to spend time with my family, for nearly 20 years I have been very fond of skiing and diving, writing poetry, flamenco and tango, "Living to tell" said Marquez, so I read Yalcin TURA's "Love" poem saying that I do not neglect to spend time with people I love.