The World Customs Cooperation Council undertaken an important function for facilitation, development of international trade and the removal of barriers has officially started its activities in 1953, signed by 17 countries and changed its name as the World Customs Organization on October 1, 1994.  January 26 every year was declared as 'World Customs Day' inspired by the date January 26, 1953 when first meeting of the Customs Cooperation Council was held. On Monday, January 26, 2015 we celebrated our day at Headquarters with a special cocktail.Our shareholder Yusuf BulutÖztürkand our CEO Dr.HakanCinarmade a special speech for the day.Our company serving in this important sector by 34 years of expertise, quality and customers congratulate the World Customs Day of all personnel, the customers and the community as Unsped Family and hope to meet in nice beautiful day and events.