To carry out studies on early detection of risks that may endanger the existence, development and continuation of the company, to implement the measures related to the identified risks and to manage the risk, and to review the risk management systems at least once a year.

Committee Structure and Membership:
Since the total number of the members of the Company's Board of Directors and the number of independent members is limited, the Early Detection of Risk Committee consists of 2 (two) Members of the Board of Directors and a sufficient number of non-Board Members according to their technical issues. The members of the committees will be elected by the Board of Directors following the approval of the Internal Regulation by the Board of Directors and will start their activities following the decision of the Board of Directors.

Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Early Detection of Risk Committee:

Establishes effective internal control systems in order to define, evaluate, monitor and manage risk factors that may affect the achievement of company goals, according to their impact and probability,
Monitors the integration and effectiveness of risk management and internal control systems with the corporate structure of the company,
Carries out studies on the measurement, reporting and use of risk factors in decision mechanisms by the company's risk management and internal control systems, taking into account appropriate controls,
The Committee periodically reviews the working principles and, if necessary, submits the amendment proposals to the Board of Directors for approval. The responsibility for the final decision always rests with the Board of Directors.
Meetings, Work and Reporting of the Committee:
The Committee meets at least twice a year and may invite the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the CEO as it sees fit to present its recommendations. The Committee reports on its activities to the shareholders and members of the Board of Directors.