The week of 10-16 of May is utilized as Disability Awareness Week in our Country and United Nations member countries. During the Disability Awareness Week, programs about the issues of disabled people, the preventive measures for being disabled and education of disabled people and the education of other people are published in mass media.  Disability Awareness Weeks are organized in our country dice 1966. 

We, as UGM, assume our own responsibility in this issue.

As Poet Muhammed Karabağ stated in his poem "For a world without handicaps, We need to on the same page, We need to take pleasure from it, Let's stay human in emotions, Let's find peace in conscience, Let's eliminate the handicaps, Let's be happy together", our effort is to make our disabled employees to feel that they are not different, to strengthen and encourage them. Don't forget! We all can face a permanent disability someday. 

We need to be aware that disabled individuals, compared to other individuals in the society, have different service requirements. We have to make the necessary effort and endeavor for this. Our Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness Committee Members and our Shareholder Dear Yusuf Bulut ÖZTÜRK, in order to raise awareness in our company about this matter, came together with our disabled employees at 12:30-13:30 for lunch.