Dear Prof. Dr.Mehmet ÜNAL was our guest in order to discuss the subject of "ErgonomicAnalyses of the Working Stances of Happy Collar" in UGM, MHÜ ConferenceHall between 12.30-13.30 on 13.12.2017 Wednesday within the scope ofEnlightenment Meetings, under the leadership of Ünsped Employee Communicationand Workplace Happiness. Dear ÜNAL who explained the importance of Healthy Lifeand Exercise with the report of World Health Organization mentioned thatsedentary life causes the death of approximately 2 million people each year,that health is a complete state of well-being, and said that for quality oflife people need movement, food and sleep physically, emotionally, mentally andspiritually and those things are the 3 basic elements to protect one’shealth.  

Dear MehmetÜNAL who said that in order for a physical activity to be beneficial in termsof health it needs to be planned and not happen spontaneously explained thatexercise has an important role in the recovery of musculoskeletal system,breathing enough oxygen, improvement of durability, decrease of fat percentagein the body, increase in strength, form, agility and improving the immunesystem and therefore it needs to be in people’s lives as a regularactivity.  Dear ÜNAL said that theanswers that the body gives during an exercise should be considered, and forthis the exercise selection is very important, and informed that how to do andhow often to do needs to be specific to the person and the way of life needs tobe changed. 

The memorialplaque was presented by Employee Communication and Workplace Happiness to DearMehmet ÜNAL and our meeting was ended with collective photo.