It has been established in order to determine the duties and working principles of Board of Brokers established within the body of UGM.

Our Customs Tariff Determination Committee established under the roof of our company is comprised of 23 members.

Although the Committee members are comprised of our Customs Brokers assuming different operational tasks, there are 5 persons primarily designated as “GTİP (HS Code) Specialists” that actively and exclusively undertake the determination of tariff classifications and the other members contribute in the examination/review and controls.

The Committee also includes 5 Chemists that have assumed the task of determination of tariff codes for textile and chemical products, i.e. 2 chemists deployed at the headquarters and the remaining 3 chemists deployed in the regions, and also 2 Food Engineers that are consulted for their opinions in the determination of tariff codes for food-type products.

Apart from this committee, a Higher Board for Customs Tariff Determination was also established in order to ensure quick settlement of disagreements that may possibly arise during tariff determination processes through urgent procedures and the evaluation of laws published in relation to tariff classifications and affecting our processes.

The Higher Board is comprised of 14 members, i.e. 7 regular members, 5 chemists and 2 food engineers.

The Customs Tariff Determination Committee has modernized its activities keeping up with the times and it uses the “Tariff Software System (UGM ERP)” developed by our company’s software developers and organizes the process in the most comfortable and quickest manner possible for both the party requesting the tariff code and the party meeting the request, allowing for performance measurements and prospective data storage as well.